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Yoga vs. Fitness

Get out of the box: Yoga vs. fitness – Are you achieving your absolute best? By Wendy Boyce; SunstoneFIT instructor, Class Series Developer and Music Coordinator If you would have asked me ten years ago – “Do you prefer yoga … Continue reading

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Personal Transformation Through Yoga

Written by Santos Casiano I lived with depression, anxiety and poor health throughout my teenage and most of my adult life.  Even through all of that I knew that I needed to make positive changes in my life but I … Continue reading

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Student to Student: Just Keep Coming Back to the Mat!

Written by Sunstone student John Beatty Streams of sweat run off my nose as I move into a Balancing Stick yoga pose, my body looking vaguely like a capital “T” from the side.  When I tip forward standing on one … Continue reading

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45 Minute Pilates Makeover

You might be aware, our Pilates class (previously called Metal) got a 45-minute makeover for the New Year! What you might not know is the how, why, and who behind the change. Lots of things remain the same with this class. … Continue reading

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2016 Class Names

When our studio schedules change on Monday, January 4, 2016, so will our class names. After many years with our yoga classes named for different “elements” such as Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal, we are making a change. Our updated … Continue reading

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Schedule Awesomeness

With the Holiday season nearly upon us it is time for our annual New Year’s schedule updates! Consequently, it’s also when we receive the most questions about how we chose to make those changes. (Trust us, it’s not easy.) It’s important … Continue reading

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How to Sit

Focusing on body alignment in fitness classes is great, but ideally, that awareness would not be confined to just workouts. SunstoneFIT’s vision is to become one of the world’s most influential fitness associations who transforms the very idea of fitness from isolated … Continue reading

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Why You Should Actually Go To Yoga

Almost everything can be done online these days—attending church, dating, and even grocery shopping. But some things are better in person, and despite the popularity of online yoga tutorials like YogaGlo and Gaiam, yoga remains one of them. Books, blogs, … Continue reading

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Say Hello to Yoga Core

Our Yoga Core Series (previously called Wood) is the perfect performance-enhancing complement to your fitness practice. For years, Sunstone has helped its members improve their balance, core strength, and overall fitness with this unique class, and now we’re taking it to the … Continue reading

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Skin Care In The Heat

In Texas we are aware that there is just no real way around the heat or exposure to the sun during the summer months. Without even enjoying a day of swimming, hiking, biking, or sun bathing, we are exposed to … Continue reading

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