The Health Benefits of Hot Yoga


Yoga is a surprisingly effective cardiovascular exercise and caloric burner that offers many health benefits. It is one of the very few efficient forms of exercise that creates minimal impact and carries minimal risk of injury when practiced properly. The asana, or poses,

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practiced in hatha (physical) yoga stimulate the affected muscles more completely and across a greater range of motion than such exercises as running or weightlifting. The result is a higher calorie burn and greater increase in muscle tone, without the loss of flexibility that can result from some exercise routines.

Hot Yoga

Health Benefits of Hot Yoga

Intense, concentrated forms of yoga, such as hot yoga, amplify these exercise benefits. Hot yoga, with its orchestrated series of poses in an atmosphere that features high temperatures, activates higher oxygen flow in the body and increases range of motion. This increased range of motion, in turn, means that more of each muscle is utilized in a coordinated effort combining balance, flexibility, and control – which increases calorie burn. Have a look at our explanation of

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Why Yoga Works” for a more in-depth explanation.

Proven Health Benefits

A steady, regular yoga practice can encourage a healthy weight, lower blood pressure, an increase in the immune system’s capacity to fight infection, an increased pain tolerance, and even

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improve gastrointestinal function, according to an article by that examines an astonishing “77 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga.” Bikram Yoga Portsmouth adds that hot yoga, in particular, encourages a heightened oxygen intake that can counteract emphysema, asthma, and similar breathing problems through the controlled intake of up to six pounds of oxygen in six seconds.

At Sunstone Yoga, our core FIRE series of exercises is designed in a cumulative order to maximize these basic benefits, as well as bringing calmness and focus to the mind. The result is a complete workout that engages body and mind, resulting in a balanced and integrated individual, not just a pretty body.

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  • According to experts, the benefits of hot yoga can also be enjoyed by physically active individuals particularly by runners. In fact, a combination of yoga and training can provide runners with the necessary vitality and other benefits of hot yoga.

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