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Calm Flow: Finding Mindfulness

Exciting news: as of August 8th, our new Calm Flow class, formerly offered only at the Southlake and Alliance studios, is available at McKinney, Frisco, Mockingbird, Preston Forest, Prestonwood Place, and Uptown! Calm Flow is a moderately paced, restorative 60-minute … Continue reading

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Sharing Sunstone

This year we are focusing on connecting within our community. What does this look like? Getting closer as studio teams; getting to know our students and understanding their personal fitness goals; and expanding our community by bringing in new faces. … Continue reading

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3 Ways Change Is Beneficial (And 3 Ways You Can Embrace It)

Most people fight change, especially change that is beyond their control. Habit and routine keep things orderly and safe, and when things don’t go as planned, it’s hard to see the positive side. But change brings with it some often-overlooked … Continue reading

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Discover Sunstone… Orientation is where it’s at!

Have you ever thought about why beginning something new, or even picking back up something you have done before, is often a source of anxiety? Maybe it is because there is little frame for expectations of this fresh experience, because … Continue reading

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Why Hot Pilates? And More!

I am very excited for Sunstone to be offering Hot Pilates (previously called Metal)! The postures Sunstone offers in our Pilates series are dynamic movements that complement the more static nature of most of our yoga postures. The dynamic movements of Pilates … Continue reading

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The Importance of Savasana

“Lie down, heels together, palms up. Close your eyes.” Your teacher has put you into your final Savasana. She turns out the lights and leaves the room. Do you: A. Open your eyes immediately, hop up, hang up your mat, … Continue reading

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A Catalyst for Change

We like to see fitness as a catalyst for change, and fuel for sustaining mind, body and life balance. It is a tool, and like any other instrument of change, can be used by amateurs or experts on a variety of … Continue reading

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By now you have been in Sunstone classes or researched yoga enough to have heard instructors, our social media, and fellow students speak about the “practice” of yoga. The term “practice” is used a lot in the yoga world. Why? … Continue reading

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What to Wear for Hot Yoga

You have decided you’re going to practice hot yoga. Good for you! (Psst…we have a confession. SunstoneFIT is actually body temperate yoga, not “hot,” with our warmest class at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, with 60% humidity.) Your body and mind will … Continue reading

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Proper Hydration for Dallas Hot Yoga

Staying properly hydrated is always important for optimum health, especially in a warm climate like Texas. When undertaking a hot yoga practice, especially with Dallas hot yoga, please make sure to stay well hydrated both inside our studio and during … Continue reading

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